Thank you – You love me, you really love me

I love when parents and community  member introduce themselves.  I love meeting new people.  When I’m standing out there like a goofy goober in my reflective yellow safety vest and giant orange flag, I wonder it it’s appreciated.  Not that I’m looking for appreciation because – the full on truth is that I’m doing it for the safety of little kids. ( Why? click here) Not for politics, not for a friend, not for parents or other tax payers and not for myself, and not for a paycheck, which has so far eluded me- because I assure you, myself would rather be home in my snuffy pj’s drinking hot coffee and watching the morning news and yelling at my own kid to get his boney ass out to the bus.

I’m not sure how or why, but I’ve had 265 unique visitors to this page but I know, at least a few of you, are listening.  This morning was AWE SOME!!  A noticeable amount of people stopped and let other drivers in and out of the school parking lot. —. A NOTICEABLE amount of courtesy!!

IF I had anything to do with that – THANK YOU SO MUCH!! If I didn’t – thank you anyway 😀 I just wanted YOU to know  – I noticed.


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