LOOK! It’s a Crossing Guard! Do’s and Don’ts …

You approach the intersection and see a giant orange safety flag appear a few feet ahead.  What do you do??


  1. … throw your phone across the seat as if I didn’t see you talking on it.
  2. … try to put your seatbelt on, I don’t care about that.
  3. … go around to get into the other lane — to see what’s going on — to get to the intersection — because you’re late and can’t wait.
  4. … look at me to DO SOMETHING because your fellow drivers are inconsiderate. My purpose is strictly to make the drivers aware of the pedestrians
  5. … get upset if I stop you on one side of the cross walk instead of letting you pass when you’re only going to be sitting at a red light.
  6. … SPEED UP!


  1. STOP! and watch for instructions!
  2. look for pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders… who might be about to cross from either side of the street.
  3. continue to look for pedestrians even after you’ve completely passed through the intersection.
  4. LEARN the driving LAWS regarding crosswalks, right on red, “blocking the box”, and pedestrian right of way.  —>New York State Drivers Manual
  5. be considerate of your fellow drivers – a teeeny bit of courtesy goes a LONG way and really DOES make the intersection run more efficiently and smoothly.
  6. Have a GREAT day 😀

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