HELP! (not a $ request)

I need pictures of when the intersection is “ugly”.  The best time to get pictures is when I’m too busy to take pictures.   Big empty intersections are easy to photograph.  Intersections filled with cars blocking side roads, trucks blocking cross walks, the main intersection backed up 9 cars deep and trying to get little humans across the road is NOT the best time for me to whip out my camera.


The entire entrance to the school is blocked and the North bound lane into the plaza is blocked. Cross walk to the plaza blocked. Everyone is stopped for a red light.

The first picture perfectly shows how people love to block the exit/entrance to the school and the plaza.  Now, no one can get out and no one coming from the 32 South can turn into either the school or the plaza. .


North bound lane into the plaza blocked, South bound lane into the school blocked. Cross walk to plaza blocked. Everyone is stopped for a red light.

The second picture gives me crossing guard rage! All the cars waiting to turn into the school from the South bound lane can’t because this big truck is blocking the entire thing. The truck is headed toward Main Street – ALLL the cars on Main Street, turning onto South Manheim are stuck because the person in front can’t turn into the school.  Chances are, the people in the intersection didn’t make it all the way through – now the entire box is completely at a stand still  – why? Because this commercially licensed, professional truck driver couldn’t stop before the cross walk to wait for the red light.  I know it’s an inconvenience – but it’s the law. – and that was sarcastic – it’s NOT inconvenient whatsoever to the driver!

Anyway – this request is not for your money.  I want pictures of your chaos – but please have a passenger do it, don’t take pictures while you’re supposed to be driving 😀


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