Drama and Media Links

The Oracle – Oct 7, 2010 Concerns for Children at Crosswalk

The Daily Freeman – Sept 9, 2011 New Paltz Says it Can’t Afford New Crossing Guard

New Paltz Times – Sept 9, 2011 Standoff Over Crossing Guard

The New Paltz Times – Dec 15, 2011 Local Mom Takes the Lack of a Crossing Guard into Her Own Hands

The Daily Freeman Dec 23, 2011 New Paltz School Board Seeks Village Funds for Crossing Guard

NPCSD Meeting Minutes Dec 21, 2011 Everyone agrees! We need a crossing guard AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Town of New Paltz Meeting Minutes Jan 19, 2012Everyone Still agrees – but whose job is it?

The Daily Freeman Jan 20, 2012 New Paltz School Board SeeksCrossing Guard at Busy Intersection

New Paltz Times – Feb 9, 2012 Crossing guard finally on the job at New Paltz Middle School

Between this date and the next the crossing guard is no longer employed — this is an OPEN POSITION!!! I am a temporary solution and have NO interest in doing this job — I can’t pay a mortgage on TWO hours of work a day!!  EVERYONE who “hired” me, assured me they would ACTIVELY work to get a PERMANENT SOLUTION to this problem!!

YNN – Oct 8, 2013 Safety Improvements on New Paltz Road Underway
((but still NOTHING for the Middle School??)) This is a gigantic EFF YOU from your the New Paltz Central School Superintendent who is clearly more concerned about tourist money than about children who have ALREADY been STRUCK by cars!!


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